Game Audio Artist

I am composer and sound designer Ashton Mills.

My skills include
Sound design asset creation
Adaptive and linear music composition and production
Audio implementation using Wwise

Sound Design

Skilled in layering and producing original sounds and textures through field and studio recording and library material.
This is my Demo Reel

I’m a multi-instrumentalist, primarily playing the fiddle, and proficient in working with electronic music. I am able to write music in a wide variety of styles. My musical areas of speciality are Celtic music, Down-Tempo Electronica/Ambient, and lighthearted/child-like music.

Visit my website to find out more and hear my work:

If you there is anything I can offer: original music, well-implemented and effective sound design, or just another pair of ears then please get in touch.

I’m really getting stuck into Unreal with the 3D platformer I’m currently working on. I really enjoy using Unreal.
Been designing an interactive music system!

I’m off to the BAFTAs tomorrow. Our Unreal game Among the Stones is nominated for the Ones to Watch Award.

We won a BAFTA!

Hi I sent email :smiley:

Did a brief audio replacement on Ori and the Blind Forest

Been working on a top-secret VR project but I’ve still got capacity for side projects at the moment