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I have made a tool that convert your sculpture into an high quality game asset in one click. You just have to select your high polys and set the polycount of the different LoDs (yes it generates your LoDs) then you run the script.

My tool will create a low poly at your desired polycount that envelop your high poly, it will remove every intersections to get the highest details possible and best UV Map. If a mesh is at the X axis it will unfold automatically half of it to get the highest texel density. It will then bake all your maps in 4k (ao, bent, normal and save them, composite them to get a cavity map, specular map, bump map, GI and dirt effect and import them in the 3D view, setup a lighting and switch to painting mode. Every settings are tweakable you have a large choice of option to change the texture ratio and scale. You can plug in gradients i have made a gradient template node for that. I have also added a node to quickly composite your image, invert the colors, convert your normal map into a cavity map with an emboss setting and a node to check if your texture is seamless.

Here is the result i get after straight after running the script on models i have downloaded:

dirt pirate.png

dirt gen.png

That’s not all, you have options to generate a sprite by keying the frame 1-2-3:


You can generate a billboard and also use CUDA to create your maps faster.

That’s really cool! Looks useful :slight_smile: