Game as presentation

Someone asked me to create a 3D presentation. But according to their requirement, it looks more like a player wandering in streets and clicking on stuff to get more detail instead of a powerpoint presentation. Has anyone used Unreal Engine to create a 3D application as presentation?

It’s feasible, but it sounds pretty overkill for just a presentation.

I made a sluice for a presentation, BPed the rising and lowering water levels and animated the doors. They loved it because it was interactive.

I think with SketchUp you also can make this 3D presentation much easier and faster. But if you want the end result to be an executable binary, then maybe UE4 is more suitable.

edit: on second thought, the 3D presentation you are looking for is like Arch-Viz (architecture industry), Pre-Viz (in movie industry), and hi-tech presentation such as what McLaren did to show their latest car (using UE4 for Enterprise).