Game Art and Animation Outsourcing Services

Dhruva is one of the oldest game art outsourcing studios, providing the highest quality game art to publishers and developers worldwide.

Dhruva offers a turnkey solution for casual and browser-based games including concept art, illustration, hidden object games, pre-rendered 2.5D games, ISO ( isometric games), card games, casino Games, vector art, etc. Dhruva specialises in 3D game art production for AAA titles. It has teams specialised in environments and levels, characters, vehicles, Weapons and other hard surface props, organic sculpted props.

Dhruva has outsourced game art to over 100 games on consoles, social/casual and mobile, spanning a whole gamut of genres and art styles and has become the leading art outsourcing studios in India.

For mor information visit thier website: Game Art Outsourcing Company