Game Architecture Question

I had a grid-based game with “master” Blueprint, which handle map creation and basic interaction, then I added some static functions for game interaction stuff, then again and again… At some point I realised that it’s a little bit wrong and more logical way of doing stuff - creating a code-based Blueprint, which then will use own class functions.
But which class is best option for base class? I want to save a map created through gameplay and other settings, level independetly, so what is my best choice?

I would suggest GameMode for your common logic and GameState for you global settings and such. But others might have different opinions, or I may be wrong :slight_smile:

Personally, I do split up stuff according to purpose: HUD interaction in my HUD class (which is actually a custom C++ derived class, which has a blue derived from it), player logic in PlayerController or Pawn, etc. Only very little stuff is in my Level blue.