Game architecture and UObjects to use, I need suggestions!

Hello guys, this is more a game architectural issue, try to find what is best and what to use for making this concept.

I have multiple actors, some controller by players, others are NPCs, and I would like to apply to them:

  • conditions that can be negative or positive, like burning, stunned, regenerating, buffed, etc… but are applied by something (en event, another actor, etc…)
  • attributes that can be like a condition but are a characteristic of that precise actor. (Example an X NPC can be always regenerating, or have always a malus, etc…)


Probably condition and attributes can be the same object with timing, this is actually under investigation

Condition and attribute can influence each other, like a “buff condition” maybe eliminate a “malus condition” and no of those applies decided a set of rules.
There are a lot of them, really a lot, and with a lot of interactions between them.

I have also two constraints:

  • the game is turn-based, so I have less “real-time issues” to manage. Must be reactive, but calculations are not that hard
  • is multiplayer, (still not sure if will be localhost or dedicated server, is under investigation)

What in unreal can describe those objects? I have several ideas in mind, but I’m not sure. So I’m here for some suggestions.
Please let me know if you need more pieces of information!