[game] arcade shooter

hi community, here’s my first topic.
let me introduce myself a bit. compare to what i’ve seen on these forums, i 'm kind of newbie.
i’m not really game designer but always wanted to try . so here i come. i have a few devs skills, as i use to develop MM apps (with director… yeah i know…) and often have to develop script for my job (extend script / javascript ) and learned C a long time ago… hopt it will suffice for what i want :).
i work in broadcast facilities as colorist or postproducer , so i know a bit (yeah more thant that…) of CG, compositing (i use nodal systems everyday). so i’am not totaly lost un unreal engine :slight_smile:

my project here is some kind of arcade shooter (like starfox etc…) so i started with the fly BP template and implemented what i wanted.
a boost, weapons, munition shield life a dodging system .
i was surprised how fast the blueprint system was to build such simple features.

then i started to model differents assets.(that’s pretty much longer than adding motion with bluprints… :))
has i was not inspired that day, i just made a simple Awing (it s far from perfect but sufficient for now.) i have to draw the ships now before modeling…

that done, i started the UI, with the idea of creating an interactive first person world has menus.
so i started creating the assets, kind of smooth SCIFI looking stuff.

i try to keep it low poly . everything is wetween 800 and 7000 tris.
still a lot to achieve.
i try to do modular stuffs, simple geom with differents materials to multiply the possibilities.
now i have to create angles and top.

and now i m working on the materials (i will start a new thread for optimisation cause not sure i do it the good way. as a vray user, not realy scared of that bunch of nodes but not sure if that’s good for the engine :))

the aim here is to get 6 materials in one, with each parameters tweakable for each material on material instance using simple rgb mask.
here i can modify diffuse (tint , brightness) specs , roughness , metal and normal “intensity”. i will add 2 channels of “dirtmap” and an other mask for it.
comments welcome and thanks to the community !