[GAME] Anibal's Legacy: Origen (Survival-Horror) (Playable Demo)

Hello, my nickname is Zalord, and I am here to present a project that I am carrying out. First of all, I want to apologize for my English, but I am Spanish and my English is not good enough to explain all this, so I will use google translator to not make mistakes, or so I hope.
My project is a first-person survival-horror video game about a zombie pandemic, in which the story takes place a few months after the start. The maps of the game are based on real locations in my town, and the story is based on its ancient history. Modifying it little and enough to be able to introduce what happened on the site.
The game will take decisions, which will take you one way or another, or suppose that it changes the difficulty of your path to the end.
It is designed more for an immersion in the experience of a real survival situation, which is not the typical game in which you will have to go killing and killing zombies to reach your goals. Moreover, the game is designed to try to be stealthy, to perform distractions and complete puzzles to help you reach the end.
At the moment I have a practically finished demo. It is playable and in it I try to show what I more or less expect that I want the whole game to be.

Since I still continue with the development of the game, and part of the demo, such as inventory, AI and final materials and so on, the demo does not show how the game will be 100%.
The demo is in both English and Spanish, it is possible to change graphic settings, although I am still working on the menu.

Once in the game, if you press Esc you can have access to a command option to see the movement, interaction and map options that you have assigned to the keys, but at the moment it is not yet configurable.

There is not saved yet, since the demos has about 50 minutes of playing time and I do not see it necessary.

Please be patient because it may contain failures.

If you want to try the demo you can download it from my website that I leave below, I put the page and not the direct link because when I update the demo I only update that link for convenience.
I also attached some screenshots and a video in which a friend tests the demo.

Download: https://steelfoundryproductions.com/


Wow, it looks good. I’m going to try the demo to see how it goes. great job.

I hope you have fun, I recommend using headphones to enjoy the experience more. You tell me what you think about it ;-).
Thank you for your interest in the project.

interesting project The quality of modeling is not bad, for my taste it would be missing some more light or power in the flashlight, although it also takes away that point of fear of not having complete vision of the environment.
It took me more than an hour to finish it but it’s very good. As I said it would have to touch up some things but it’s still great.
Keep it up and I’ll be aware of new project updates.
I have to say that I didn’t have an epic account and just to be able to tell you this I made an XD.
Good job, I recommend it

wow … 1 hour? … it took me almost 2 hours … XD … some puzzle has cost me more than it should.
I recommend it too. Very good atmosphere and great details.

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I’m excited that you like the demo, I’m working to expand it a bit and put the voice dub.
and maybe expand it a little more.
I also have pending upload more photos of other parts of the game.
so go through here from time to time to see if I have updated.
Thanks to Perezdan and Pablanchez for your interest and your comments.

More Images from the Demo

I made this post to see if I received any constructive criticism, or opinion from people who can help or simply know what it has seemed to people who have tried it, but except for two people nobody has commented anything, I don’t know if the post is It does not attract attention or what the hell is going on, since from what I see the forum is not dead, much less. I thought to update the demo but seeing that nobody is interested because I leave it and I continue advancing in the complete game.
If someone has tried it I would like to know their opinion, to know if I should change something or just that … their opinion. Thanks in advance

If someone want download the Demo, can download from here A_L_Origen v1.8.rar - Google Drive
Why my web not work for the moment. Sorry for that. This new version is 1.8 and have new models, more vision on game, and more changes on animations, materials, sounds, and more.
Have fun with the game