[GAME][ALPHA] Dragonpunk: Infestation - High-Density Urban Crafting Survival

Dragonpunk: Infestation is an urban crafting survival game set in a single city with thousands of players and millions of infested!

Dragonpunk: Infestation Alpha trailer on YouTube

Using only assets from the Unreal Marketplace (most of which are free monthly), this next chapter in the #Dragonpunk series is our first fully cloud-native game! Dedicating every spare minute over the last two years, our goal remains to showcase “the art of the possible” in cloud-native game design!

From real-time environment decay and overgrowth, to real-time city-wide contagion simulation, to massive crowds of civilians, soldiers and enemies powered by Toolchefs LTD #AtomsUnreal thanks to Daniele Federico, there are so many features and systems we didn’t have time to include in the trailer!

We aren’t slowing down, as we’re particularly excited to integrate Machine Learning (ML) based game AI created by our new partner WildMeta led by Amandine Flachs and Alexandre Borghi!

We’re a global, diverse team of aspiring game devs. Check us out on our website

We are former modders for X-COM and ARK, and you can check out our mods on Steam

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Very cool! I love the thumbnail, absolute chaos. I look forward to seeing your continued progress!

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Thank you so much! While we still have such a long way to go, we created the trailer to attract enough players to stress test the high-density game servers. Even though we can spawn thousands of bots, it’s unfortunately not the same as using real players to understand latency, server I/O, etc.

If there is a way to submit this for the Unreal Spotlight, we’d love to apply!