[GAME] A Glider's Journey

Hi everyone! I Just finished the first playable version of a project I’ve been working on recently :slight_smile:

I Started this project to push myself to learn 3D modelling, low poly and so on. (I’m more into coding usually ^^)


You are controlling a glider, with no thrust… You may want to reach the end of the level by using the boost pickups and following the path… or you may not, whatever makes you happy :slight_smile:

[li]Only one level currently (about 1-2 min of playtime)[/li][li]Best played with a gamepad.[/li][li]Recommended specs for 60 FPS @ 1080p should be around (That’s a wild guess according to my results. if you can play test and send me your results it would be awesome <3):[/li][LIST]
[li]GPU: GTX 1050 mobile or equivalent[/li][li]CPU: dual core @ 2.5Ghz or higher[/li][li]Ram: 8Gb or higher[/li][/ul]
[li]Console is active in this build, with the § key.[/li][li]F1 key toggle “Debug” mode which enables you to have constant thrust with the shift key or the left gamepad trigger. You can also see the debug physics arrows this way.[/li][li]Any feedback is welcome![/li][/LIST]

Download link:

Keep me updated/New levels etc…: