Game 3D software

What is the best software for 3-D modeling and animation. I’ve heard of Blender and Maya, but i’m wondering what is the best of the 2.

If you want to work in the industry it would be best to use either 3ds Max or Maya since those are industry standard. If you’re working on your own, then use whatever you’re comfortable with. Since Blender is free, you can try it without having to pay anything.

In general, most of the skills you develop in one software will transfer to another and it just takes a bit of time to become acquainted with the interface and the tools available.
You also have the option of some other software like Modo or Cinema4D. I haven’t used Cinema4D before but many people say it’s the easiest to use.

Let me make this simple for you. If you have a ton (metric plz) of money the best software is Maya. If you don’t the best software is Blender.

That is how I’ve always looked at it. Although with the recent Blender 2.8 release I am not so certain anymore.

Give Blender a try before you decide to spend thousands of dollars on modeling software. No point in spending money on something that has a valid, free alternative. Maya is THE animation software, and some people think 3DS Max is the best modeling software, but I prefer Modo over the three.