[Game] 2D Side Scroller/Hack 'n Slasher called The Vagrant using Creature Animation Tool

Hello Game Devs,
I am the creator of Creature, the 2D Procedural Skeletal and Mesh Animation Tool.
I thought I’d share this video by the talented team at OTK Games about their upcoming 2D RPG/Hack 'n Slash title called The Vagrant.
They are using Creature for their character animation process:

In it you will see them using many of Creature’s physics and procedural motors to achieve difficult to animate motion like cloth, hair, wings, muscle and flesh.
They will also be using my new Creature Runtime for UE4 to run it in UE4(obviously) via the runtime’s exposed Blueprints functionality.
Here is more info on my Creature UE4 plugin (full source provided on github):

In other news, I have also added the ability to animate Front Facing 2D characters in a 3D fashion using my new tech called Face Warp:

Feel free to comment or ask my any questions.