Gallerys/Device/Gallery Updates

Hey Epic Games/Fortnite Creative Team

If you see that (hopefully) then I wish that and many others from the community that the Acsender from Fortnite Battle Royale come in as a device in Creative as well as the Zip Line (as I know you are working on it) and maybe Frenzy Fields as Gallery or you can update the Command Cavern Gallery maybe because there maybe the drilling platform or the big hatch/entrance from the top of the mountain/cave and maybe just the whole model of Command Cavern and instead of the model in UEFN it just brings the possibility that you can do something like that can do on their own

P.S if you need a picture of what I mean by the entrance then let me know

Best regards

@FARaerOG Thank you for your feedback. While I cannot guarantee a response, I can confirm that this has been forwarded to the appropriate team.

Thank you Stevie-Moon for doing it

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