Gallery creation - what to use?

Hi everyone,

Looking for some insight on what’s the best path to take:

I’m trying to create an UI element, a gallery, that has 3 image containers that keep changing, scrolling through the available images according to where the player is. We can also click the images to full-screen them.

Now, there are a lot of UI solutions out there, and I’m wondering what are the best solutions for this application. I saw some that allow you to link to a website, maybe using that allows me to use an already available html gallery and simply use that code? Or is there a more practical solution? So many paths to choose I’m a little confused on what to go with…

Personally I would use the UMG, mainly cause well I don’t want to pay for 3rd party pieces, don’t want my game to rely on an outside website to not be down and or the player not able to play cause they aren’t online. Even if you are making it a multiplayer online it’s just added traffic not needed, and more complexity. So I would stick with the UMG tools, they have really come a long ways in a short time with them. Can easily create a scrolling / toggling through aspect, can bind the image to a blueprint system so the player’s location changes the array of images to be shown, and when you click can simply show a hidden UMG element full screen mode, that is fed the image clicked on.