Galerider - Dragon riding rail shooter for mobile platform

Hi all,

We are excited to introduce our new game, Galerider

Announcement trailer:

Galerider is a dragon riding, fast-paced flying rail shooter with aerial maneuvers to keep players at the edge of their seat.

Soar into the air as Bree the Galerider with her trusted Wind Drake and save their world from the threat of destruction. Dodge obstacles, glide above rivers, dive over mountain cliffs and fly through narrow caverns as you collect Essences while incinerating swarms of enemies!

The world of Galerider

Remnants of humanity reside in the harsh land of Hyperia, a land rich in life-sustaining Bio-energy. The once docile guardians, known as Overbeasts, have been stirred to unrest, causing chaos throughout the realms. Bree must take flight upon her trusted mount to defend her home against its former guardians, the Overbeasts.

Game Features

  • Galerider offers a fresh take on the old-school rail shooter genre. Mow down swarms of enemies with the Wind Drake’s multi-target homing attack or shoot down oncoming enemy projectiles with Bree’s rapid firing attack.

  • Perform evasive maneuvers to avoid projectile attacks from the enemy and high-speed collision into obstacles.

  • Survive an onslaught of enemy mob until Bree face off with the stage boss. These enormous monsters will haul their most fearsome attacks at you. Victory can only be achieved by exploding their weaknesses.


Galerider was originally conceived in 2013 but was only revisited 4 years later. The initial intention was to develop it as a pet project where a group of enthusiasts could satisfy their creative needs. However, the team was eventually blessed with funds to finance the game’s development on a full-time basis.

Who are we

We are Orion Arts and we are embarking on a new journey in 2018. A fresh team has come together for the development of Galerider with the aim of bringing the essense of gaming nostalgia to the mobile platform.

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Thanks for taking the time to read about our game.

Hi, here’s the concept art of one of the Wind Drake, Regal.