Galaxy S8 / Gear VR just received what to expect with UE4 ?

Hi All,

Just picked up the S8 thinking of putting a couple VR projects on it for Gear VR. What can I expect in terms of performance?

Is the S8 supported yet? How about the new hand controller they have now with Gear VR?

Where to start?


i don’t believe the controller is supported YET…I am compiling now for it to see if anything pops up !

thanks! can you pm me I have a project with some nice content to test would you be interested?

Sure PM me…

thanks I am waiting for Samsung to send me the controller will do!

Any news on Unreal Engine support for the new Gear VR s8?

The new controller is supported in the 4.16 previews already

Is there an Unreal template for using the latest GearVR, just like the VR Template?

Fantastic Idea !!

Now that’s a sensible question…its all a bit of hit and miss without something as a starting point !!

Will the basic VR template work with the S8? I’m just getting into VR so all of this is new to me.