Galaxy Rush! 2


**You can get it Right now Free on Google play **

About the Game(and alittle about myself): Galaxy Rush! 2

Been working with UE4 for awhile now on different little projects to learn parts of the engine.
So about two months ago now i received a kidney transplant(after years of being sick) and decided i really needed to focus more on my indie dev work and decided to release one on the side projects I’ve been working on to the Google playstore so i could familiarize myself more with shipping a game with unreal.

Its a simple Endless game where the goal is to survive as long as you can with your ship avoiding space junk and then you can compare your scores with friends using the google play leaderboards.
Its made completely with blueprints. I know its a pretty basic game I already have some planned updates.

PS: if anyone would like to help with the further development of the game or you are interested in any aspect of the blueprint systems or anything else about the game feel free to PM me on here :slight_smile: