Galaxy Conquest

Hello everyone, I am pleased to show you today my project : Galaxy Conquest
Since I’ve seen that UE4 was free on a facebook add, I’ve decided to give it a try.
I didn’t had much knowledge except that I loved to create rpg’s on Warcraft 3 Editors and used to have popular maps on Bnet.
I decided to take the Twin-Stick Shooter Template from Unreal Engine 4 and learn how UE4 Works.
After 2 Months alone destroying the map and restarting again to learn how UE4 works, I finally arrived at a good spot on my game
bringing a nice ‘‘extended’’ version of the twin-stick, making 3 fully playable game modes : Conquest, Mayhem and Arcade.
Conquest : You have to clear 5 Worlds of the dangerous enemies and destroy bosses at the end of each world. There is also 3 difficulties that each of them allow you to have an achievement when completed.
Mayhem : You have to destroy multiple bosses 1 by 1 with each of them…Chaos…Gives you also an achievement when completed.
Arcade : Survive waves after waves infinitly (Harder and Harder) and earn score that saves and soon that you will be able to show-off to friends.
My main goal when I saw the template, was to bring back the old school arcade spaceship shooter.

The video following this, shows a bit the sneakpeak of all modes.- YouTube
All music was also written by me.