Galactic Storm, top down shmup game, finished project


I’ve recently finished my first UE4 game called Galactic Storm. It is top down shmup game made for PC’s.


If You liked it You can vote for me on my Greenlight page. Tell me what do You think about it, feedback highly appreciated :wink:


Hellllooo good people!
Galactic Storm has been Greenlit! Thank You all for voting :wink:

Congratulations on getting Greenlit!!

Congrats! Awesome to see actual products making it out for distribution.

Well to be honest I am quite suprised being Greenlit myself. Compared to other projects (that passed Greelight) I had very modest popularity. Well I am not complaining :wink:

Looks great! Congratulations on being greenlighted!

Hey, thanks :wink:

Bought your game, primarly because I want to make a shooter myself and secondly because it looks very good judging by the trailer.

Witing for it to download/install, it’s quite large (which leads me to expect a lot of fun and eye candy from it :D)