Galactic Repairs, Animator


Galactic Repairs - 3D Animator

Project Title:


A top-down Shooter, where a mechanic needs to repair beacons in order to get pay. Combine shooting and platforming to make your way through alien worlds.

The game is a vertical slice / a shorter version of a complete game


In a galaxy far away into the future, there is a company named Galactic Repairs. They have placed beacons on several alien planets with the reason to gain better radio communication. Sometimes the beacons malfunction, and someone has to go down and do the dirty work of repairing the beacons. Luckily Galactic Repairs has developed Portal transportation so that they can warp in Personal for the beacon support.

It’s a regular day at work. A bacon on planet XXX seems to malfunction. Your one of these mechanics/engineers sent from Galactic Repairs to repair the beacons. You get warped into this alien planet covered by rocks, mountains and hilly terrain. Something is not right…

You need now to overcome the challenges to get the beacon fixed in order to your pay.


Mystique atmosphere

Top down view point

Shooting and platforming

Stone golems

2 Characters that needs to get Animated:

(see attached files)

Team Name:


Team Structure:

Dennis Noubarpour (Project Creator)

Project Managment, 3D Artist, Game Designer

Engineer - Product development

Rowin Veneman

Game Programmer

Nicholas Nottingham

Game Programmer

Bryan Bothwell

3D Artist, Game Designer

Brandon Dougherty

3D Artist, Game Designer

Sebastian Udden

Audio Composer

Previous Work:

This is our first project, this project is meant to get a team up and running before moving on to a bigger project. The second project is going to be something the entire team wants to create, and everyone has a say in what it is going to be.

Talent Required:

We are looking for persons that are determined to work within a team and build experience together. People that don’t give up on hard tasks, and want to work with equal minded. You don’t need to have a set amount of hours each week, just that you keep good communication. This is the project for you who want to build portfolio with team members across the globe. This is project gives you freedom to work within the set game design, to unlock your full potential!

3D Animator

Can or want to learn Animations

Can or want to learn Rigging

Can or want to learn Skinning

Can or want to learn Lowpoly Character versions

Bonus: Can set up the animation in Unreal Engine 4

Bonus: Can create additional props



Skype: dennis.nou1