Galactic Adventure Music Pack 2 - Sale!

Continue your Sci-Fi missions with Galactic Adventure Music Pack 2. Over 10 minutes of seamless looping music to drop into any Sci-Fi based video game. Included are tracks for combat, exploring, menu or just visiting your local intergalactic watering hole. Lush pads, heavy hitting drums and a slew of synths brings your game to life.

Also included, 30 stems for more adaptive music control.

Tracks included:

  1. Reflections

  2. For Glory

  3. Fall Back

  4. Engage

  5. Calm Before The Storm

  6. The Mission

  7. We All Have Secrets

  8. Allies Or Enemies

  9. Chosen Ones

  10. Unknown Beings


All audio files are .wav 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo.

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