[Gajatix] Sci Fi Body Scanner

Our latest addition to the Sci-Fi collection, A medical Body Scanner, fully rigged and animated!

Best Price :

Please keep up the good work. If I could request an item that a lot of developers could use is things like computer consoles/screens/computer terminals and some sci fi themed furniture like tables,chairs/seats and stuff like that. These props are already on my"DO WANT" list but other props like the ones I mentioned are pretty much non-existent. I would be the first to buy any of thoseā€¦

Anyway, Keep it up. I really like your designs, as well as the body scanner and also incredibly reasonable priced.

Thanks for the suggestion, I may make a general sci-fi themed furniture pack sometime in the future.

We have a cryo chamber model which will be released in a few days.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: