Gaining back control

Hello there. This is my first post asking for help as I’m new to unreal but have experience in Blender.
After following some tutorials, I was able to set up a trigger volume where the players view is glided on to the center of a hallway. My problem is, I don’t know how to give the player back control from the last frame that cameras sequence ends with. Here I’ve recorded my screen to illustrate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I’m using blueprints as I have no experience with coding.

I just looked at some code I have for the exact same thing, the only difference is I’m calling GetPlayerCharacter instead of using the level BP reference, so I’d try that first.

But… having done that, when the camera switches back, you will not be in the hallway any more, because your character is still back in the room. That’s a bit more of a problem.

Basically, once you’ve finished the level sequence, you’ll need to move the player pawn so they’re camera lines up with the matinee camera ( thinking about that )…

Yeah, there’s a transform between the player character position and the player camera position. Somehow you need to run that transform backwards so you know where to put the character so that their camera lines up with the matinee cam.

It sounds complicated, but I know it’s only a couple of nodes, just not sure which ones… yet.

Ok, something like this:

The top part makes the transform from player camera to pawn position, the lower part applies that transform to the matinee cam and then moves the pawn to that position.

It might be NUTS, but give it a go.

If it does work, you’ll probably find the player is in the correct position, but not facing the right way. In that case, you have to break out the player transform and use the rotation as input to SetControllerRotation.

So, I tried it. It was NUTS, so this does work ( similar concept ) but only does location, but I think you get the idea:

And finally! ( hey, just showing my working… ), here’s the code:

So, get the difference between player camera and pawn:

Later, apply that to match the matinee cam:

The end.