GA_Hero_Death.uasset Illegally references asset. You may only reference assets from EngineContent

I have been following a tutorial that works with Lyra Game Starter Template and followed it well until I got stuck at this moment at 01:06:45 Unreal Engine 5 Battle Royale Tutorial | Lyra Starter Game - YouTube where I get the following error when I try to save the file:
\Content\Characters\Heroes\Abilities\GA_Hero_Death.uasset: Illegally references asset /LyraFixModule/B_ScoringBattleRoyale. You may only reference assets from EngineContent, Plugin:LyraExampleContent, Plugin:LyraExtTool, Plugin:PocketWorlds, and ProjectContent here. (AssetValidator_AssetReferenceRestrictions)

/Game/Characters/Heroes/Abilities/GA_Hero_Death contains invalid data.

I found this tutorial which I thought would help me with this issue UE5 Lyra - Asset Referencing Error PROPER FIX - Mastering the Lyra Framework - YouTube basically I created a a new module and setup ShooterCore as dependency as it said but I see that I still get same error. I don’t understand this error fully and would highly appreciate if someone could help me understand what it means and how it is possible to solve it.

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I get the same thing. i really need to reference my asset/content that is in my plugin from my project. i has something to do with the “asset policies?” argh.

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