FYI 'marquee' "Common Scroll Text" widget (UMG) exists in UE4.27, and How to Infinite scroll?

This is a FYI with a question:

UE4.27 has a plugin that adds a Side Scrolling (marguee) Text “Style” - that you can add to a Widge/HUD/UMG, as a setting for their new “Common Text Block.”

I.e the if the text says “something long” - it will scroll the words to the left, and can fade in and out, then repeat.

But when the scrolling restarts, it starts with the first word already at the left side of the box, instead of the first letter starting at the right side of the box and moving left.

So my question is how to make this a constant scrolling loop - instead of the fade in word already on the left (after the first scroll finished)? Or can Epic please add this variable = constant seamless loop? :slight_smile: TY

#1 Idk why this scroll addon isn’t known? I found nothing by searching its name here and on google, except this blog that informed me.

#2 The link is here (which describes the other new UI style addons). But below I’ll give the steps to setup scrolling. Common UI Text Widgets · ben🌱ui [Thank you Ben UI and Epic]

Here’s a FYI how to set it up:

  1. In UE4.27, go to Edit > Plugins - type in “ui common”

  2. Check Enabled, then restart the engine.

  3. Now you need to add the Scroll Style, so find a folder to make a new Blueprint in.

  4. Right click in a blank space in that folder, chose Blueprint > Blueprint Class >> and in the Search box, type “Common Text Scroll Style”

  5. Name it (Text_Scroll_Style) and open this BP. You can set the default settings like this. But this is just a scrolling Style. Now we need to apply it to a Text block.

  6. Now go into a Widget you have, or make a new one.

  7. In the Design tab, on the left side > search bar, type Common text.

  8. Add this Common Text component to your Canvas Panel.

  9. Select the Common Text component, then scroll down at the right panel, find where it says Common Text > Scroll Style … set the “Text_Scroll_Style” that you made prior.

  10. Then click compile, and the text should start scrolling without needing to press Play.

  11. You can change your text block width, and go back to the “Text_Scroll_Style” BP to change the scroll settings.

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