FYI How to force a collision re-check

I’ve been working on some collision scripting, and I noticed that if you dynamically increase the size of the player collision capsule without the player moving, it doesn’t check e.g. wall intersections and will just go into the wall instead of pushing the player away from the wall, until they move.

Regardless of whether that’s the “right thing to do” when the capsule size changes, I’ve found you can force a collision re-check by teleporting the player to their current location as a workaround.

Cool find, someone else suggested some days ago to apply a permanent minimal movement.

I did that in one of my projects, but even with the minimum number that the player will still move to, the player is noticeably moving after a minute or two.

Interesting… That worked in UDK too…

Not when using a timeline - finished - delay 0 sec - plug into play from end.

I tried that too, but with my setup that created other problems, so I was glad to find teleport works.