FXAA- Flickering , TAA - Ghosting

Two weeks ago i posted a thread about my grass problem
Nothing worked, but i saw a lot of comments about waiting for updates, also many people wrote to check FXAA as antyaliasing, it worked ok since now.
I made some photos for textures, but when i put them as my texture terrain, they make flickering(in FXAA) and when I change AL to TAA then Ghosting is everywhere.
I hope you can see it in video.
I tried to change some antyaliasing settings, but nothing changed.

Is the texture a power of 2? For example 4 8 16… …256 512 1024 2048 etc. The texture should be generating mip maps that reduce noise like this, which require being a power of 2.

Now it is:p Thanks it works. It fixed ghosting too, i will check grass with power of 2, maybe it will work too.
It don’t work with grass.

Try the power of 4, but also you could make it so that only portions render in from of you which should help. I could be wrong.