FX UWave

Hey Jeremy, I had been looking at the market place and still cant find it. Maybe the submition is still pending?

Looks good, it seems to finally be on the Trello!

yuppers, voted for it and spammed it on a few social media locations :slight_smile:

Voted for it. Also do you mind making a video showing how it works? Are those BW images animated or something? How would we create our own and what kind of an effect would variations on the images make? It seems like it could be a more efficient way of doing particles, or even combine these shaders and particles to have really crazy particles. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope Jon pushes this one to market soon. It’s just the package I want to get for my project.

You’ve got a purchase from me. All day long.

looks very interesting. would love to experiment on this. Price is great. I’ll buy it when it’s on the marketplace.

Purchased! (finally!)

Purchased as well though I can’t download it yet.

Yes, please make a tutorial on how to modify these. I bought the pack and they look great but I have no idea what to do with them.

Any Chance this will get updated to 4.9? I just picked it up, but I couldnt just add it to a 4.9 project, so I tried copying it over manually, and some of the materials dont show up. So naturally the particles don’t work properly.

Mayor bump, I’d like to know if the author is still around and willing to update this package.
I know I can manually move it to 4.10 and get it working again, but that takes time.