FX UWave

Welcome to UWave!
A handy shader packed into a nice content package with 27 awesome elements and examples!

UWave is a shader that approaches dynamic pixel masking in a unique and stylized way. This shader can create almost any dynamic effect with unlimited variations while producing beautiful colors. Simply load up a packed texture, modify the many unique options within the MICs, and create an unlimited variety of visual effects!

Want unlimited possibilities? Want Fluid Waves? Muzzle Flash-Bases? Blood? Plasma? Disruptions? and more?!
Look no further! :cool:

Oh, and it will only cost $4.99!

Status: *Submitted *



As someone who loves particles this looks very interesting.
(I couldnt keep myself from importing the blacked image and screen it a few times to look at all the nodes)
Depending on the price, I might purchase it :slight_smile:

Hey great work. I really like the style! =)

Thanks for the comments and support!
@Luos - The whole package will be $4.99


Looks incredible. Nice work. As a hobbyist, I’d buy it just to look at material and try to figure out how you pulled it off.

thats not even money, converted to euro’s (pre-econimic crisis) thats … lets do some math… 1… 2… abolutely free.
Ill get it :slight_smile:

I believe in rock bottom prices :slight_smile:


Nice, another great shader pack to play with, can’t wait! :smiley:

Looks great Jeremy! Keep em coming!

That’s fabulous. And the price is so cheap that you could even go and get it just for playing around and having some fun with it :slight_smile: Thanks!

Looks great.

Another winner for you and another of your packs that I will be acquiring for my every growing collection. 8-}

It looks very nice. Great job! I don’t know if I need it, but for $4.99 I will buy it immediately.

Thanks for all the nice comments!
Your support is really appreciated :slight_smile:


When is this on the Marketplace? For some reason I don’t see it in the Launcher or posted on Trello.

Not sure why it isn’t up yet myself. I submitted it quite a while ago. They have probably been busy with GDC. Hopefully it will be accepted and put up soon on trello :slight_smile:


Sent you a PM. Let’s Chat.

Looks pretty snazzy, will buy good sir.

**Re-Submitted. **Not sure if this never was received. It’s been over a month with no response and I know the trello was getting a work up. Still doesn’t look like an FX section is even on trello. Hopefully will see this up soon. Sorry guys.


Looks really good! I will buy it for sure!

Your work is amazing!

Take my money!!!