FViewportClient draw function not called


I am trying to create a custom window using the slate framework but I am in a bit of a problem…
I follow instructions I found on a github repo and created an SWindow that I then linked to an SCompoundWidget containing a SViewport, a FSceneViewport and a FViewportClient.
My problem is everything works well until calling the Draw function of the FViewportClient from the Tick of the CompountWidget.

The tick works as I get the log inside it but the draw function is never called for some reason that I cannot find …,

Can somebody understand my problem ?


my bad, I appears that I included “Slate/SceneViewport.h” in my compountWidget class header.
I tried declaring “class FSceneViewport;” in the header instead and included “Runtime/Engine/Public/Slate/SceneViewport.h” and the problem was fixed