FViewMatrices Crash — Repro steps for [UE-48038]

Hi there,

We’re still trying to get to 4.17.2, and there’s a crash that prevents some of our levels from loading.

This issue is causing crashes in our project:

Repro steps:

  1. Place a planar reflection in the world.
  2. Set at least two of its scale values to 0.03 (the planar reflection has to be visible).
  3. Instant crash.

We’ll work around it for now since it’s pretty simple to do so, but might be a good idea to fix it eventually.


Hey CyanBalloon-

Which values were you changing specifically? I tried adding a planar reflection from the Modes tab then change the scale values in the Details panel under Planar Reflections (Normal Distortion Strength, Prefilter Roughness, Angle From Plane Fade Start, etc) but did not crash by changing these values. Can you elaborate more on what you’re doing and the resulting behavior?

Hi ,

Strangely enough, I simply used the default values. Here’s a small video of all the settings and all the steps I take to cause the crash.


I noticed the “Global clip plane” error, but even in a project with the Global clip plane settings are enabled, the crash is still occurring.

Let me know if you need any more specific info.

Hey CyanBalloon-

Thank you for the sample video. I apologize, I was adjusting the wrong fields in my test. After further testing I was able to repro the crash and have updated UE-48038 with the steps provided.