Futuristic armor workflow?

So I’ve been getting the hang of 3ds max for a while now but never tackled anything really complex. I was wondering if someone could link me to some tutorials of how something like this was modelled in 3ds max(note no sculpting was used).


It would take a year to get through a tutorial of that length.
I would start by youtube setting up “reference planes” and set them up.
Then youtube “hard edge modeling”
Model each piece one at a time.
More tutorials on:
Creating UV’s
Create Hi Poly version for normal map creation of normal map details.
Finally 3d paint and rig.
When I did it as my full time job, it would take me about two weeks.

Kinda know most of it already. My biggest issue is cilindrical and spherical shapes. Anything about that?

this is a great video, have a look

Thanks you, I will check it out.