Futuretech space combat academy

Hey there! Just launched my Kickstarter for this game which I am finally nearing completion. I’d love to get any feedback…thanks!



The presentation felt solid. It has more of a personal touch. That doesn’t work for everyone. but it works for you and your game imo. Game devs like to opt for the flashy trailer and the energetic vlogger whose high on coffee and energy drinks… But that’s getting tired real quick!. Kudos on setting a very modest kickstarter goal too. I think that shows you’re more committed than asking for an unrealistic sum.

Couple of suggestions… How will multiplayer set this game apart? You should say ‘how’ in that video. A text overlay with 2/3 bullets is enough! The defector / insider / Fifth-columnist idea / backstory works to explain how humans got hold of advanced space-tech so quickly. Often space games just bolt-on some story without any real justification or believability, thinking its only a game so who cares… But it can work in your favor if it deepens the story… Then it can work to deepen the interest in the game etc…

Some of the older videos look like they use an oldschool spacescape. If the new gameplay vids still have this, it might be worth trying to polish it up, as so many games use similar backdrops. Lastly, add extra links than the website and Facebook. Not everyone likes to go to a smaller site that might be a malware-trap, and outside north America the backlash to Facebook is more than the MSM are reporting!