Future Video Framework Features (Multiple Platforms) + Epic Paid Support Inquiry

Hey Epic,

Hope everyone is doing great! I posted this on AnswerHub back in September and it unfortunately didn’t get a response. It’s very important so I wanted to check in and see if video support will get better and come to other platforms in the future (ie. Xbox, PS4)? https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/302239/490-future-video-framework-features-inquiry.html

Also, I’m interested in finding out more about Epic’s paid support and what the benefits are if someone could chime in or if there is a specific email I need to reach out to find out more information.

Thanks and have a great Friday! :smiley:

the media framework seems abandoned, works limited, bad and trying play sound crash sometimes or freeze for second the application.

Hope they fix that all problems but seems they backlog that all, perhaps because they want rebuild something before or they think the media framework isn’t useful.

here my vote for EPIC improved the media work! or at least speak something about the future.

I really hope this isn’t a thing, or it won’t be long till we have “EpicCare+” (Yes, I’m bashing Apple), just the thought of that makes me sick.

It is a thing–for big AAA development studios they usually work out a different licensing contract along with a support contract. It’s not the type of thing that would become available for regular UE4 users since that would require too many people working on support.

Oh, in that case it’s fine by me. I just don’t like the idea of them advertising paid support for everyday users that want premium support.

Yea, its discouraging its as limited as it is and not supported on console yet but I’m personally going to need to be able to rely on it coming up and here’s hoping you guys chiming in gets some support rallied up behind this feature getting some much-needed improvements.

I think for what Epic does on a support level that’s free is amazing for members of the community. I’m sure there are definitive reasons why purchasing the paid support will be helpful! :wink:

Hey MC Stryker.

Regarding Media Framework, you may want to follow this thread: Media Framework Roadmap - Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums. There’s been few updates yet, but it is a desire to return to development within another 2 or 3 release versions (assuming other priorities don’t take precedent).

Regarding custom support terms, you would need to begin here: Other licensing options - Unreal Engine


Thanks for the reply Stephen! I’ll check out both and appreciate it. Have a great week!