Future twinmotion development

After testing twinmotion these past few weeks, I’m wondering where Epic plans to take this? At its current state it can’t compete with lumion or Enscape. Don’t get me wrong it has a great toolset and is super easy to use, but the quality is not there. Textures aren’t as sharp, gi engine just doesn’t cut it with a slider, material adjustments are too simple. Users need to have real world settings to adjust textures the way they want. The AO slider only adjusts the strength but the spread is not adjustable.

It’s difficult. I think the idea is that you have the unreal editor on one hand where you can do “everything” but it can be very complicated to use and on the other hand you have twin motion which is very easy to use but has less options.

You can’t have both in twin motion or it will be a 2nd unreal editor with all the complications involved. But of cause there is room for improvements in twin motion I guess. I haven’t really used it because I feel at home in the unreal editor more than in twin motion.

The only thing that I don’t like is the rendering quality, I don’t understand it. If there was a “build lighting” just like un Unreal it would probably look better

I think that twin motion will be used as a prep before you can import into Unreal but you never know what they will do. They were working on a bridge before Unreal bought it.