Future streets

i’ve built this scene a year ago, and lately put some more work.
It grows fast! and there is still planty of alleys that could be added so its nowhere near finished.
I’ve used assets from “showdown” “Infiltrator” “Scifi hallway” “Soul city” “Scifibunk” “Paragon”, all the available “free” ones basicly.
Designed it myself, placed meshes and lighted, set up camera and animations for movie.
Music is: Rude - Eternal Youth and Toxxify - Cyborg Chase

Let me know what you think,


I liked it… It kind of reminded me of this other top-notch one (in a good way).
Now go and add Gameplay too! So we can actually go and enjoy the world… :stuck_out_tongue:
(Drive cars / Fly drones / Engage in shoot-outs / Visit building interiors etc)