Future request for answerhub: Difficulty system

It would be cool if this answer hub had a difficulty leveling system :slight_smile:

How it would work?

  • On every question after the text there would be a poll where you put your opinion of the above question difficulty
  • Then there would be categories for hard, medium and easy questions based on the poll avarages and if you answer successfully to a harder question, you would get more karma than you would on easier question.

Yes it would be cool! Also, unrelated, but a way to filter out answers from people who shouldn’t be answering questions they don’t have relevant knowledge of.

Well I learned their isn’t anything really called difficult… If you know what your doing honestly…And understand how things work… Now the problem why people come here is because to able to be productive… Not everything is in the a.p.i so The solution is to see what’s going on here… Honestly I Completely hate blueprints so I work in C++