Future of paper2d

First let me say few words about myself. I’m a young game developer and I’m in love with 2d games development. After few small games i decided to take a bigger step and develop a game worth publishing. At the time i thought Unreal Engine will be great weapon of choice in “one-man-army” game development. Thats how this story begins. Months has passed and i’m beginning to think that paper2d plugin development is not only a tabu in Your castle but it’s left to die aswell. I don’t want to ask You for just one person to develop this plugin (like it was before)- I just want to know what are Your plans. Are You going to develop this plugin in the nearest future? Is there anything thats gonna change in this plugin in this year or is it going to stay dead like it was for more then two years now. Just quick and short answerr would be satysfaing.
I also would like You to know thats the first time I encounter such a disrespect from any game related company to their fans.

I love Your worki, I love Your engine but come on. Have anough courage to at least say something about this plugin and his future.

It’s supported but right now there are no plans to further flesh it out. If you find a bug, they’ll fix it kinda support. Best bet is to take advantage of the tools currently available as best as you can. Limitation breeds creativity and what not.

@Asterat pm me at if you get the time I would like to talk to you about unreal and 2d.

Unless you have to use UE4 I’d strongly recommend GameMaker or Godot for 2D projects. UE4 is fantastic for 3D but isn’t great for 2D - it’s simply not what it was made for. Of the two I’d recommend Godot. You’ll get to learn Python (mostly) along the way and the engine supports C++ coding as well (which will serve you well in UE4). GM now costs money upfront and costs more to release on any platform that isn’t PC. Plus it took a major nosedive with GMS 2.0 that makes it much worse than GMS but GMS is outdated so you can’t get it unless you already had it and idk about Android / iOS support (still had to have bought those previously) as if they haven’t updated the prerequisites your app will be rejected.

My two cents. Feel free to stick with UE4 but if you do I honestly have to recommend switching to 3D. You’ll be fighting the engine forever otherwise. You can make it work. There’s a game that made it work that releases (released?) Soon but it’s the exception.

I believe you are talking about us. We are releasing Spartan in a few days.
For more info you can check here:!

And as i have said countless time before, i kind of agree with you.
It is a LOT harder to use UE4 for a 2d game than the engines you mentioned above (and the ONLY reason is lack of development. Nothing else).

But if you are skilled,determined and a hard worker , the result you will achieve with UE4 is not comparable with the more simplistic but more focused on 2D, engines.


Paper2D is pretty much dead.

Can you share a bit more on this? I’d love to keep using UE4 into my team’s new project, but all our research is pointing us away to other engines. From Epic dropping Paper2D development (that dead Trello board…) and whatnot, it seems that we’d be best off elsewhere, but I also feel that they’d be excited to support/work with developers that are willing to dive right in.


I literally love Paper2D. I even paid a great C++ coder to add additions to the Paper2D. People can keep it alive for themselves if they work on it.

It is true that Paper2D lacks stuff, but also it’s up to us to keep it alive.

For 2D games, you are better off with other engines. that’s for sure.
There’s a plugin in development from a user Scissor2D. It looks promising, but if you don’t want to wait you should switch the engine.