Future of NPCs? OpenAI + UnrealEngine5 + Text to speech

My latest personal project!

I combined the power of OpenAI’s API with Unreal Engine to create dynamic NPC interactions. Using Microsoft Azure’s Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech APIs, you can have a conversation with the NPCs using your microphone.
In this example, we are interacting with a NPC who owns a futuristic mechanic shop that sells old used equipment.
The NPC’s responses are tailored to the information provided during the conversation and the project also uses DALLE to generate images of products being offered dynamically. The result is a very fun way to interact with your virtual worlds characters and you could keep talking for hours.

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This is great, however prepare for fully automated “(fake) Microsoft support call centers”.

I experimented some with chatGPT, it is great to create dialogue lines. However i would not let it directly talk to player, humans are unpredictable.

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Definitely a cool idea! I’d love to see it experimented with :slight_smile: