Future Ideas for the Thursday Chats

Hi Guys,
I thought I would start a little thread in the feedback section for Epic about future ideas for Thursday chat sessions. I’m sorry if somebody already did this as I don’t mean to step on toes but I just don’t of one at the moment. Anyway, some great things to discuss would be.

1.) Creating proper character animation sequences for custom characters.
2.) Creating Landscapes and Landscape Materials.
3.) Tips and Tricks for creating niffy materials.
4.) How to create footstep sounds that react to different floor material types

Thanks again for the Thursday sessions guys! I’m learning a lot from them!

A Really good (with diagrams) overview of good practices on where is a good place to do certain logic - PlayerController vs Pawn, GameMode vs GameState etc.

good idea demo man:)

I personally quite like the general chat about any and everything during the streams, like the guy (his name is on the tip of my tounge:p) that did the flipbook leaf thing, we need to see more of his stuff.

Ya, That was pretty cool. I remember that video. I just figured that you need ton’s of topics to do a chat every week so why not gather up some idea’s and see what comes of it.

+1000 to this.
There is no compherensive theory or tutorial, describing important UE4 Architecture aspects, that everyone working with UE4 should know. But this aspects are exist =_=

There is, it’s on the documentation pages. UE4 Architecture is discussed fairly obviously.

Don’t forget that the streams are NOT tutorials guys, they are showcases and updates.

Your absolutely right about this of course. I just thought it might be helpful for planning future chat sessions if the folks at Epic knew what things where of interest to us.

And actually the documentation + posts from Epic Devs + Answers have really muddied the waters on this kind of thing, it would be nice to bring up perhaps not an actual tutorial but the concept of some best practises pages different to the documentation.