Future animation ue5 5.1

  1. Will Als5 appear in 5.1/5.2?

  2. I really think that in the future als5 animations will reach a new level, are you going to realistic and Smooth animations for everyone?

  3. Why motion warped and not motion Matching? What are the advantages of motion warped?

  4. What about rockstar’s Euphoria counterpart you want to do something similar with epic? This would be a revolution in the world of animation, physics, procedural animation and ragdoll, should we expect something similar in the new updates? Can ragdoll system? Procedural Animation?

  5. Will nanite support Skeletal mesh and mesh deformation in future updates? In 5.1 or 5.2

  6. In 5.1/5.2 there will be improved lumen optimization for medium graphics cards such as rtx 2060/2070 and etc, I think for large worlds lumen will lower fps when developing a game, I would like a stable 60fps.