FUTURE ADVENTURE MOVIE GAME! coming out with ina year

Hello i need help with certain aspects of designing my own video game, and i will be promoting and making UE4 proud of this game. I Thank you for getting me started! I am really good at designing, and i need help with all of the possibilities of certain blue print functions. I have went through months and months of youtube videos and i know alot (but i could know alot more) . I have most of the backgrounds and the scenes completed using blender and UE4, my game is already made on paper and illustrations( all scenes and how its gonna play out with different variables) every level idea and every character and intense grabbing new features i want to try, But i am having trouble finding certain functions. I am hoping to finish this game by next year or the end of this year. With your little amount of help, i could speed past there hard steps of figuring out these hard functions. PLZ help me ( txt me or call ) 845-264-4973 FOR MORE INFORMATION plzzzzzz contact me soon! I love desiging and i just started, I am really fast learner and love video games. But my creativity and hard work is what i pride myself on! pLz test me and help get started a little bit faster !