FUSE Leather Armour Set

Arteria are proud to release the first costume for FUSE. Fuse is an application by Mixamo/Adobe which enables you to create custom characters, utilising a large library of body meshes. FUSE intergrates nice with unreal, in that the FBX generated rig can be used in unreal, plus fuse exports texture/shader maps directly to Unreal specific format.
This Leather Warrior Costume set, provides you with all the armour pieces shown in the promo pics, already set up in FUSE format. After download, simply unzip the FUSE files into the FUSE library folder, and they will appear in your FUSE Project as modular armour pieces, ready to be clothed onto your character. The pack features over 20 elements, including separate armour pieces, straps, fasteners, gloves, etc to customise your character as you wish.

And theres more Magic…
Not only will this work on all the male characters you make within FUSE, it also works on the female characters too, thus no need for separate armour pieces to fit the female genre… The meshes will automatically scale to the female form!!!

The Armour Pack contains:

  • Helmet
  • Torso/Chest Armour
  • Chest Armour Fasteners(Centre Chest)
  • Chest Armour Fasteners(Side)
    Chest Armour Fasteners (For Shoulder Armour)
  • Shoulder Armour
  • Arm Armour
  • Leg Thigh Armour
  • Trousers
  • Boots
  • Knee Guards
  • Wrist/Glove armour
  • Helmet Motif Piece
  • And many more varients setup as prefab pieces

Fuse Colour Maps

The pack is provided with all the shader and texture maps needed by fuse, and everything is prebuilt for you, therefore when you install this pack, you can either open up the full costume with character as you see in the promo pics, or you can choose to modify the character, or even start from scratch, and add the armour elements as you wish! We provide all the maps for you as separate parts of the pack too, so you can look at the colour map for example(the colour map, sections of parts of the mesh, to house different texture/substances) - you can then alter as you wish when your experience with fuse grows.

Purchase below at the limited time cost of $14

Good stuff.
I didn’t you I could add clothes to Adobe Fuse.

I thought Fuse only worked well with the 4.7 skeleton (blue man) and had issues with 4.8+ (silver man). Is this still the case or do the tutorials for the Fuse pipeline to UE4 still work well?

Once you upload to mixamo for auto rigging, there are a variety of fbx options there Works very well
Also as a special FUSE promotion week for unreal customers, im offering 2 year memberships for $75 if forum members are interested (email

Will be posting a new costume tomorrow, perhaps this evening, if all goes well

I’ve been using the characters and anims in my project. When you go to download your character from mixamo site after rigging, make sure to choose the fbx unreal 4 option. I’m using Unreal 10.4 build and haven’t had any issues with getting the character in clean. Just make sure to check the TOAs Ref Pose when you go to import the character mesh or you’ll get errors for some of the bones, mainly fingers and twist bones.

Thankyou for adding that useful information Darktrooper

Are these pieces molded directly on the character and cannot be removed in the UE4 editor or are they separate and can be just attached as a skeletal mesh component in UE?

That’s the ethos beyond fuse… everything is modular. DId you watch my video? Why not take a look. Each item is a separate mesh… even the buckles, armour fasteners are all modular, so you can modify in fuse how you want your character to look - maybe have a character without torso armour, or the helmet, or perhaps just the trousers and arm armour… Also, all the costumes I will release will all be interchangeable with each other, thus over the forthcoming months giving you a large modular library.

@Arteria3d - Awesome work :smiley:

More armor and medieval clothes would be awesome :smiley:

Can these be used in the older, non-CC version of Fuse as well?

Im not sure on the non CC version to be honest, ill contact support about that.
Also, thanks for the supportive comments too. I will be releasing a medieval Townsman tomorrow

Ah sorry, I didn’t notice there was a video. I’ll take a look. It looks great, btw. To be honest, this is what the Marketplace is missing: modular clothing on modular humans.

Also for the great support on this thread, any customer who purchases this warrior armour, will receive the townsman costume for half price when released tomorrow


This can be purchased for just $8.50 this weekend only
Customers who purchase this today will also receive the generic versions of this character too.

Purchase below:

Costume works without need for alteration on the female character

New Costume just released:

  • WaitCoat
  • Shirt
  • Gloves
  • Trousers
  • Belt
  • Arrow Holder Belt
  • Boots
  • Boot Straps
  • Pendant Necklace.

Purchase below at just $14.99

Any customer who emails me the code ‘FUSED’ can purchase all three costumes for $10.99 today only - or