Fuse facial animation

Is it somehow possible to animate faces of fuse characters (of course I mean Adobe Fuse) in Unreal Engine. I have recognized that I can use blendshapes in Blender after exporting my character in DAE but I would like to make some in-game animations.

Well sure as in animation is animation and depends on what application you are using to author the animations. Except for some verrrryyyyyy basic stuff you would animate in any application that could output to FBX and import it into Unreal 4 and apply it like any other imported animation asset.

It can work for bones but for blendshapes?
I heard that Adobe supports Unity in that case, they created the plugin called FacePlus or somothing like that, that enables seamless facial motion capture in game engine. Oh God, that would be perfect in UE4 :smiley:
Anyway, I can animate my face in blender when I import dae from fuse but my retargeted skeleton refers only to the body, so I am not sure if it is possible to apply a blendshape animation into my character. I was thinking about some methods to animate the blendshapes in UE.
But I will try it to confirm the theory.