Fuse CC - 3D character creator

What happened to Mixamo Fuse?
Just tried Fuse CC (now part of the Adobe family) on OSX 10.10, but it crashes each time on first mouseclick.
Anybody has experiences with the new app?

What kind of programmers and quality managers are working at Adobe?
Fuse was a useful and nicely working application.
Thank you for killing a part of my toolchain.

I went back to Fuse 1.3 personally (though I’m on Windows, so I can’t help with the crash issue).

My main problems with CC:

  • Weird censorship bars built into the textures. If I want to censor the already-Barbie/Ken-doll characters further, I’ll do it myself thanks (it interferes with a lot of various clothing for the female characters).
  • Dropped a ton of clothing options.
  • Texture/model quality on the new avatars isn’t good enough to make up for the lack of clothing in my case.

While I went back to 1.3 as well, @n00854180t you can disable those censorship bars there is a “modesty” setting in the options that removes those bars.

It’s just a preview build right now isn’t it? They’ll be adding more content in the future

Any one have any screenshots of what the characers look like in UE4?

There is always xD

As messy as Fuse CC is at the moment, its still SO MUCH better than MakeHuman. Also, the CC version works better with the Mixamo website as opposed to the original version (which you’ll find, has issues with auto-rigging).

The biggest fail in my opinion is the underwear censorship. I understand that the 3d scan characters won’t display genitalia, but it sucks to censor the human body for no apparent reason.

@sbnewsom - it looks like you can turn the censorship off as @Rethink mentions.

Personally I might look at it again, though I don’t like the creative suite stuff at all (so cumbersome to have this launcher for 20 tools I don’t use), but probably not until I redo characters anyway.

@n00854180t: Well unlike a lot of other tools, you only have to run the launcher when you need to update or install. I think this is the least intrusive of licensed software. Not once did I have to launch the creative cloud software unless I wanted to install something.

Months later, I’m trying the new version. Much better. Fuse CC crashes not until the 2nd mouseclick. 8)