FUSE auto rigging!

Has anyone tried using FUSE on Mixamo.com. The problem i am having is that after i Auto-Rig a character made by FUSE on their website. The downloaded FBX file does not have any rigging. If you can recommend any other good website that can help in auto rigging that would be great! :slight_smile:

I have tried FUSE and I actually got a working rig out of the auto rigger. Do you have this problem (no rig) just in UE or in a 3D App too?


Actually i had this problem in both UE and blender which i use for animation. in blender there was no rig to animate!

brought a character in the other night from fuse with one free animation just for a test, no problem what so ever, would get a subscription but they are really just out of the price range of the current trends in subscription costs, sorry no way it should cost more than some of the other high end software solutions. hopefully they will decide for a bigger user base and come out with something more realistic, the pay be download is really high considering how easy rigging is starting to get with a lot of programs like ikinema. used autodesk character creator also, made a character, rigged, skinned, and applied animation with webanimate and its working perfect in ue4 on tests, only 50.00 a year on that one.

Agreed on the price tag - It’s a tad high for what you get.

I have tried my FUSE rig on Maya (2014 & 2015) as well as in Cinema 4D and Max as well as UE4 - all of them worked fine (for me at least). I have no experience in Blender so I cant really be of much help there.

Are you sure you completed the “autorigging wizard” on their page? Perhaps the process did not finish correctly?

afaik blender doesn’t import rigs via fbx only the mesh.
you can still cheat by importing the fbx into UDK then use umodel to extract the mesh into psk which you can then import to blender.
to be honest if your using blender then try the rigify and watch my blender -> ue4 videos ref character options

Yeah i’m sure i did. I think GeoDav is right here maybe blender doesnt import rig. i will try it in UDK first.

I currently have 18 Mixamo Fuse rigged characters in UE4 and some basic animations to do the idle, walk,run and jump sequences. What I am having trouble understanding is how to tell the animation state machine to use a different set of anims when the character holds a rifle or a pistol in it’s arms versus not carrying a gun at all. What I need is some way to have the character class talk to the animation blueprint so I can pass some boolean values between the two blueprint classes.