Furniture/Object Packs?

Hey Everyone,

Just looking briefly at the marketplace I saw a distinct lack of models for furniture and household items. What kind of interest would there be to do say small packs of chairs, couches, tables, cabinets, etc? I am looking to sharpen my modeling skills and work with UE4. I have Substance Designer as well for making custom materials and textures. Would love to know how many people would be interested in these packs, or how many of you just model these things yourselves?

My main goal is to provide the community with plug and play assets that while geared towards ArchViz, could potentially be used in games or other projects as well. High optimization, fully UV mapped, materials and textures included and some form of modularity or customization with the click of a button, or small parameter changes.

Thanks for looking!

More choice is always welcome, but I suggest looking under the Architectural Visualization sub-category on the Marketplaceā€¦there are already quite a few of this type of pack :slight_smile:

More cabinets and stuff like that please!!

I think chairs and couches there are quite a lot. I would like more beds and dining room tables personally

Should say dining table sets

Yes more beds please as well