Furniture for Achitecture platform FREE?

I’m an architect (or better architecture student) and I was impressed that in the EU4 also has the ability to create electronic models with impressive qualities in 3D architectural designs. However I am having (do not know if other architects also) problems getting furniture for my surroundings. I’m not game programmer, just wanted to take advantage of the platform to render my projects as other programs do as Sketchup, Revit, AutoCAD, 3ds Max and V-Ray. All the furniture I see in the store are paid and found it very strange … In the other platforms are completely free. Does anyone know of some free collections that can download and use?
I would find it interesting to EU4 provide some furniture that we architects can migrate to the platform.
Thank you!

Note: Sorry an error in writing because I am Brazilian and I speak Portuguese and I’m not fluent in English …

Hello, fellow Brazilian UE4 hobbist here.

There are basically 2 points to explain why there aren’t so many free Unreal-ready models (as well as materials, pre-buit scenes, plugins, etc) available:

1 - Complexity: UE4 is much more complex that just 3d modeling. Specially if you compare it to Sketchup Warehouse for example. Another thing is that UE4 is not out-of-the-box compatible with 100% of the 3d models out there. Software like Blender, 3DS and Maya can easily exchange models with each other. That’s not always UE4 case.

2 - Community size: Overall, 3D modeling comunity is huge. We have 3DS, Maya, Sketchup etc communities running forums, 3d warehouses, facebook pages, tutorial courses for ages. Because of this there are lots of good free resource out there. This is not UE case yet.