Furious Elegance Challenge - The Last Dance

Title: The Last Dance

Video URL: https://youtu.be/niW1G0m5S4w

Student Submission: Yes

Credits to sourced content: Stage, Dressing room, and Character assets made by me (prior to the challenge)
Song: Russian Dance - Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite (Downloads | PM Music)

Screenshot of project in-editor:

I used to do ballet all my life. When I suddenly had multiple injuries, some of which would seemingly never heal, I had to give up on my life dream of dance to pursue a new passion of animation. This film portrays my feelings and emotions of sadness, anger, and defeat as I reflect on my last time ever dancing on stage.

This film was truly a challenge, as it was my first time using Unreal Engine to make a film! Before bringing things into Unreal, I used Maya and Blender for animation and cloth sims. I also made the choreography and used reference of myself dancing for hand keyed animation. Hope you all enjoy it, and good luck to everyone!

Engine version: 5.2