From a non-game creator POV what methods would you think would be sufficient for fur. Say a bear. This is for a 3D scene remake I plan to do. There are many methods that are possible but I am unsure of what is a decent one in this scenario since you get more freedom. Is it wise to just go with strips and add fur texture, or something more? Since is not for a game you can, of course, take the texture part further however I think there is some sorta plugin for fur by Nvidia but I am not sure if I remember it wrong, is there? Anyways strictly as a static scene what would you recommend?


Of all the plugins and spline render methods i have found the traditional plane with texture to still produce visually most pleasing and predictable results. If its a non game you can further increase the amount of planes and vary the textures while applying precooked dynamics with proper rigs or alembic export.